Of all the forms of propaganda presented for domestic
consumption, none are more popular than making fun of
the other guy. When The Three Stooges decide to parody
the Axis, the results are hilarious! One wonders how
they resisted the temptation to use fewer than all
of their fingers in saluting that portrait.

"For instance, it was absolutely wrong to make the enemy ridiculous (during WW1), as the Austrian and German comic papers did. It was absolutely wrong because actual contact with an enemy soldier was bound to arouse an entirely dif- ferent conviction, and the results were devastating; for now the German soldier, under the direct impression of the enemies resistance, felt himself swindled by his propaganda service. His desire to fight, or even to stand firm, was not strengthened, but the opposite occured. His courage flagged." -Hitler

You Natzy Spy

Moe Howard - Moe Hailstone
Curly Howard - Curly Gallstone
Larry Fine - Larry Pebble
"Any resemblance between the characters in this picture and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle."
Scene One: Three prominant industialists, Ixnay, Onay, and Amscray (pig-latin for Nix, No and Scram), lament the state of world affairs.
Ixnay: "I tell you gentlemen, it's no use arguing against facts. Business is at a stand-still, and we have to do something about it."
Onay: "Your right, Mr. Ixnay. Our munitions factories only sold five million Buckaroo's profit for the first quarter of this year."
Ixnay: "Think of it, Mr. Onay. Only five million. Why, we're practically starving."
Amscray: "That's true. But we must remember that the Kingdom of Moronica is at peace, Mr. Ixnay."
Ixnay: "Your right, Mr. Amscray. But there's no money in peace. We must start a war."
Onay: "Right. If the King wants only peace, we must oust him and appoint a dictator."
Ixnay: "That's it, a dictator!"
Onay: "Exactly. We must find someone who is stupid enough to do what we tell him."
Amscray: "But where can we find anyone that stupid, Mr. Onay?"
Ixnay: (Snaps his fingers) "I've got the very man, and he's in this house right now. His name is Moe Hailstone. He and his two helpers are papering my dining room."
Onay and Amscray: (In unison) "A paper-hanger?"
Ixnay: "Why not? Now, here's the whole plan..." (Fade out.)
Scene Two: Ixnay, Onay, and Amscray enter the room where the Stooges are at work:
Ixnay: "Gentlemen!"
Moe: He means us. (The Stooges run over) Yes, sir.
Ixnay: These are the men I was telling you about. Boys, I want you to meet Mr. Amscray, Mr. Onay. (Introducing) Hailstone, Gallstone, Pebble.
Onay: How do you do?
Stooges: (In unison) Unintelligable.
Ixnay: We've come here to offer you the greatet opportunity of your life.
Moe: You mean you'll let us paper the living room?
Ixnay: No, no, no, your through with papering. My partners and I are going to make you dictator of Moronika.
Moe: Dictator? What does a dictator do?
Ixnay: A dictator? Why, he makes love to beautiful women, drinks chapange, enjoys life and never works. He make speeches to the people promising them plenty, gives them nothing then takes everything. That's a dictator.
Curly: Hmm. A parisite. That's for me.
Moe: Quiet. I must think. Quiet while I think. I must think. Let me see. (Moe gets a piece cut glue-brush stuck to hs hand. He touches his upper lip and, when he removes his hand, is sporting a Hitler mustache.)
Ixnay: Well, what about it?
Moe: I like the job all right, but I can't leave my two pals. You know, our motto has always been one for all, and all for me.
Larry: Unintelligable.
Moe: Unintelligable.
Curly: Unintelligable. (Walks over to a statue and goes to shake it's hand) Unintelligable. (Statue shakes back, Curly runs away.)
Ixnay: Gentlemen. So as not to break up your little triumverate, were going to make this man (Points to Curly) Field Marshall, and head of all our fighting forces.
Curly: Can I have a uniform and a real sword?
Amscray: You can have a hundred uniforms Just go out and shoot a hundred generals and help yourself. ....

Caption: "Have no fear, he's a vegetarian."

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