Ramayana Fresco Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok
Siege of Antioch Unknown
Battle of Anghiari Leonardo da Vinci, 1452
Profile of a Warrior in Helmet Leonardo da Vinci, 1472
Knight, Death and the Devil Albrecht Durer, 1513
The Battle of Issus Albrecht Altdorfer, 1529
The Battle of Lepanto Paolo Veronese, 1572
Scene of War and Fire Gillis Mostraert, 1569
Peace and War Peter Paul Rubens, 1629
Fresco: Old Church St Margaret, Detail Sendlinger Strassennamen, 1705
Battle of Bunker Hill John Trumbull, 1786
The Battle Of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory William Turner, 1808
Liberty Leading the People, 28 July 1830 Eugène Delacroix, 1830
The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople Eugène Delacroix, 1840
Battle of Stones River A.E. Mathew, 1863
Home, Sweet Home Winslow Homer, 1863
Scene of War in the Middle Ages Musee d'Orsay, 1865
Apotheosis of War Vasily Vereshchagin, 1871
Napoleon I on the Borodino Hights Vasily Vereshchagin, 1897
Napoleon and Marshal Loriston, "Peace at all costs!" Vasily Vereshchagin, 1900
The Battle of Desmayo - The Cuban Balaklava WA Rogers, 1899
The siege of New Ulm, Minnesota Henry August Schwabe, 1907
'Untitled' Felix Schwormstaedt, 1916
The Second Battle of Ypres Richard Jack, 1917
Paths of Glory CRW Nevinson, 1917
Passchendaele Alfred Bastien, 1918
Fresco: Youth Marches On (Great War panel) Lucia Wiley, 1934
Guernica Pablo Picasso, 1937
Horrors of War Joe Cauchi, 1938
Advancing Artillery in Poland Franz Eichhorst, February 1940
Advancing Artillery in Poland Franz Eichhorst, February 1940
The Eternal Soldier Wilhelm Sauter, July 1940
Visage of War Salvador Dali, 1940
'Untitled' Georg Lebrecht, August, 1941
Workers, Farmers, and Soldiers Hans Schmitz-Wiedenbrück, September, 1941
Remembrance of Stalingrad Franz Eichhorst, September 1943
Memphis Belle's Asheville Departure David Lee Sample, 1943
DOOLITTLE'S D-DAY Robert Taylor, 1944
U-Boat Pens Theo Ortner, April 1944
The Cemetery at Sumay, Guam Standish Backus, 1945
Troops Entering Riga Otto Engelhardt-Kyffhäuser, August, 1945
The First Wave of Japan Standish Backus, 1945
Muck Standish Backus, 1946
Prison Camp C. Ross Greening, 1965
Dark Kingdom Frank Frazetta, 1966
The Hitler Line II Charles Comfort, 1970
One Mile to Bushy Run Station Robert Griffing, 1997
Kane on the Golden Sea Frank Frazetta, 1998 Back To: Click to join 3rdReichStudies

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